Xuzhou Baduan Glass Industry Park

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With the further expansion of the Xuzhou Eighth Section Glass Industry Park, the sales revenue of Xuzhou glass enterprises has increased rapidly, and the variety of glass products is becoming more and more diverse. Mapo Industrial Park actively relies on its resource advantages to promote regional characteristic economic development, upgrade the glass park to a municipal level park, guide the healthy development of the glass industry in the park, improve the sales of glass products, and invest 26 million yuan to set up booths in the glass park. There are a wide variety of glass bottles displayed on the booths, including 40 series of large glass bottles, craft glass bottles, cosmetic glass bottles, wine glasses, and more than 1500 types. Some glass products have also undergone deep processing such as frosting, engraving, and baking. The exhibited glass products have a beautiful appearance, exquisite workmanship, and reasonable prices, attracting a large number of visitors. Merchants come to the park to make purchases,


Local Introductio

The Xuzhou Eight Section Glass Bottle Base was established in 1997, covering an area of 6000 acres. It has more than 10 glass bottle sister enterprises under its jurisdiction in Xuzhou. In 2010, three new glass bottle factories were added and are currently under construction. Xuzhou Eight Section Glass Bottle Enterprise has established the Xuzhou Glass Bottle Association to face the global glass bottle market. Xuzhou Glass Bottle Factory’s Three Similarities: Learning Together, Making Progress Together, and Developing Together. Three Grasp: Grasping Management, Grasping Quality, and Grasping Innovation. The Eight Section Glass Bottle Enterprise has established an advanced flag in China’s glass bottle manufacturing industry through advanced technology and scientific management policies.







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