The visible fermentation process and Maillard reaction process bring wonderful experiences

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Observable fermentation process, Maillard reaction process, bringing wonderful experiences


High borosilicate glass, this material endows the baking tray with extraordinary quality. It has excellent heat resistance and can withstand high temperatures while being baked safely. Whether placed in an oven or heated on a stove, there is no need to worry about it breaking or deforming. At the same time, its transparency is extremely high, allowing us to clearly see the changes in the state of the food inside, as if it were a visual feast of delicious food.

The design of this deep baking tray is very thoughtful. The depth is just right, it can accommodate a large amount of ingredients without appearing too bulky. Adding a lid adds a lot of practicality. It can effectively maintain the temperature and humidity of food, making the cooked food more delicious and juicy. Whether it’s grilling meat, baking desserts, or grilling vegetables, it’s perfectly capable.


Cooking on a covered high borosilicate glass deep baking tray is like a creative and fun journey. We can carefully mix various ingredients, put them on a baking tray, and wait eagerly for the birth of delicious food. At the moment the lid was lifted, a fragrant aroma filled the air, making people intoxicated.

It is not only a good helper in cooking, but also a beautiful scenery on the dining table. The transparent baking tray paired with delicious food is itself an artistic presentation. It can be served directly on the dining table, allowing friends and family to enjoy delicious food while also experiencing a unique dining atmosphere.

The covered high borosilicate glass deep baking tray, with its excellent quality, clever design, and endless charm, has become an indispensable presence in the kitchen. It witnesses every moment of our cooking and adds a unique excitement to our lives.



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